Your Health Insurance Can Affect Your Auto Insurance

April 20 2022

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Your Health Insurance Can Affect Your Auto Insurance

Under Michigan’s new auto insurance law, drivers can choose from six different Personal Injury Protection (PIP) medical coverage levels when they buy or renew their auto insurance. PIP covers medical bills and other expenses if you are injured in an auto accident. For people who have Qualified Health Coverage (QHC), two options allow you to remove PIP medical coverage for yourself and/or eligible household members.

To count as QHC, your health insurance policy must not exclude or limit coverage for auto accident injuries and must have an individual deductible of $6,000 or less. Medicare Parts A and B or Medicare Advantage also count as QHC, but VA Health Benefits do not count as QHC.

If someone in your household does not have PIP medical coverage and has a change in their health insurance, you must A.C.T.:

  • A – Ask your auto insurance carrier about your PIP medical coverage choice and find out if you need QHC to maintain your current selection.
  • C – Contact your health insurance carrier to determine if your new policy counts as QHC and to get an updated QHC letter.
  • T – Tell your auto insurance carrier immediately if you lose your QHC. You have 30 days to obtain replacement health insurance or make a different PIP medical selection, or you risk not having medical coverage for yourself and your family in the event of an auto accident.

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Koppinger & Associates recommends the following on your personal auto policy:

  • Unlimited Personal Injury Protection limit
  • Primary Medical
    • the auto policy pays for items health care does not (i.e. wages, attendant care, home modifications, auto modifications, mileage, etc.)
    • some items have limited benefits on health insurance
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