Millions losing Medicaid impacts your EE Benefits budget

February 07 2023

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Millions losing Medicaid impacts your EE Benefits budget

The end of the COVID-19 public health emergency will affect your employee benefits budget

More than just access to low or no cost COVID health care services will be affected by the recently announced intention to end both the COVID-19 pandemic national emergency period and the public health emergency as of May 11, 2023.  

In addition to the public health emergency allowing access to funds to pay for everything from personal protective equipment such as masks, to tests and vaccines, it also allowed more flexibility in how regulations and laws in the health care industry were administered.  This flexibility granted scores of Americans special access to Medicaid, significantly increasing Medicaid enrollment.  The end of the public health emergency means millions will no longer be eligible for Medicaid.  

How does this affect you?

  • Many will seek coverage through an employer sponsored health care plan

  • This will increase the number of qualified eligible employees

  • Enrollment may increase

  • Increased enrollment = increased cost (4% average in 2022)  

The public health approach to health care during the pandemic allowed Medicaid to keep people continuously enrolled.  Now we'll be going back to a health care approach to health care, bringing all of the weaknesses (cost, access, outcomes) of the system into play.   


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