Open Enrollment - 4th and Goal for the Win!

November 03 2021

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Open Enrollment - 4th and Goal for the Win!

Open enrollment

Instead of viewing the process with Dread, think of it as the championship game and it’s fourth and goal. Open enrollment is the perfect opportunity to reinforce your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and combat the current “great resignation” trend.

Many studies estimate that over 50% of people in the workforce are actively searching for a new job. 55% of employees now question whether their pay is high enough, according to a recent July 2021 SHRM survey which polled 1150 employed U.S. adults.

While you have the attention of your employees, captivate them to help counteract this trend and employee turnover. Focus on cultivating employee engagement. Remind employees what motivates them and makes them proud to work for your organization. Instead of focusing on the mundane task of checking boxes and filling out forms, turn open enrollment in to a pep rally.

Pick a theme, use humor….The head coach (executive leadership) should kick off of the rally with follow up messages from middle level managers and supervisors. Use multi channel communications and messaging, videos, text messaging, and print media – posters, flyers etc.

Open enrollment is your venue to a more benefits-engaged workforce. Employees who have a better understanding of their benefits program will appreciate and place more value on their benefits, leading to a higher engagement rate that increases retention and reduces turnover.

Using Open Enrollment to Score the Win

Taking a creative approach to open enrollment catches attention and helps establish an emotional connection with your employees. Employees need to see a connection between their day-to-day work and the organization’s greater purpose. Demonstrating how your company’s benefit package adds value to their life helps motivate them to take action, or engage. Show them how to use their benefits correctly and make the most of them. Make open enrollment a rewarding experience that will help employees feel more appreciated and cared for, helping to build the trust that enables your business to thrive.

  • Think about your messaging
    • What do you want to portray? 
    • How can your message reinforce your company brand?
  • Employees should be able to see themselves in your messaging to help them understand what’s in it for them and show them the benefits they bring to their day-to-day lives
    • Incorporate story telling
    • Address the role of benefits in employee’s lives
    • Use a variety of communication channels
  • Clearly show how your benefits work together and complement each other
  • Use clear and concise instructions
  • Keep an open line of communication with HR

After the Win, Keep your Message Going all Year

  • Don’t stop communication when the open enrollment deadline passes
  • Recognize that generational differences create different life experiences and expectations; communication must be adapted and customized to fit the needs of your employee population
  • Remember that as plans become more complex, communication must increase
  • Provide ongoing learning opportunities to support employee financial and physical wellness that can be shared with employees’ family decision-makers
  • Ongoing learning keeps employees engaged and better prepared to make good decisions

The importance of employee benefits to attract, engage, and retain top talent remains one of the biggest obstacles for company leaders. Open enrollment is critical to the success of your organization. Open enrollment strategies are always evolving; what worked well last year may not work this year. Remember, it’s important for employees to feel supported during crucial moments like open enrollment. The more employees understand, the more productive and engaged they will be, which is a win for everyone!


#TeamKoppinger has strategies and resources that will help you achieve open enrollment success. We’d love to share what we have done and what we can do for you.

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