Your brand is a huge asset; are you protecting it?

March 22 2023

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Your brand is a huge asset; are you protecting it?

How do you Define your Company Brand?

The customer experience you provide.
The identity of your business, the "why" you do what you do. 
The personality of the company. 
The feeling you evoke in your customers.

The unique differentiator used to identify and distinguish your goods and services from others.  Your brand prevents the likelihood of confusion among consumers, and signifies the quality of goods or services you offer, reinforcing company value and reputation. 

You work hard establishing and maintaining your brand.  Whether it be a logo, an image, a tagline, or packaging, your brand is one of your company's most valuable assets.  By going the extra mile to stand out in a crowd, strong branding gives you the opportunity to have control over how your business is perceived, helping establish trust.  Branding is an investment that has the potential to put you ahead of your competition.  With a great brand, you'll do less convincing to sell to customers who know they are getting a quality item or service.  Don't leave your creative and intellectual property exposed.  

Is your brand protected?

The connection between a company's brand and reputation makes brand protection critical.  Ways to protect your brand include:

  • File a Trademark
    • conduct a search through the US Patent and Trade Office's trademark database which contains all federally registered trademarks to prevent confusion with a similar existing trademark
    • Not all trademarks are federally registered, additional searches recommended but not limited to include:
      • state trademark databases
      • phone directories
      • industrial directories
      • other commercially available sources for conducting a search for most of the other common law databases
    • Federal trademark registration provides greater protection to the owner than a common law trademark
  • Maintain your Trademark
    • Periodic maintenance of federally registered trademarks are required to ensure registrations are accurate

Filing a brand trademark protects the entire identity of your business you have worked so hard to establish.  Put yourself ahead of your competition by creating, using, and protecting a brand that develops strong relationships evolving into loyal customers.

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